"Lunch Trip" is a social lunch group to enjoy many different cuisines in Tokyo. We travel around the world by having lunch and sharing stories of someone who has been there. Ami,Naho,Kyoko as Lunch Trip Crew would like you passengers to enjoy great trip.
Ready to come with us?



Dear Passengers,





We are having a REAL tour to Madagascar in the coming Silver week in September!

You are all welcome to join us, let's go together and have a lunch trip in Madagascar!
"Let's introduce Japan to Madagascar  through foods -a travel to discover, meet, and be friends with Madagascar-"

We'll have a long national holiday in September and we think it would be a very good chance to travel somewhere far and you can hardly visit usually.

Why Madagascar??
Please visit the link below, here is the detailed itinerary and mission of our trip!
 *in Japanese

This tour is the "Lunch Trip" original with lots of special contents!
-having "the Lunch Trip to Japan", cooking and introducing Japanese culture to the local people (they don't have any Japanese restaurant in Madagascar!)
-visiting baobab tree sites and meeting unique animals that are all in a serious danger of extinction
-visiting Sister Makino who works as a midwife in Madagascar for 40 years and learning her activity and the situation of poverty of children
-having a special class in a local elementary school and introduce Japanese culture
-tasting a very fruity Madagascar chocolates....     And etc. and etc.

Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions and details!
We are looking forward to having this special trip with you!

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